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Greetings from Our CEO

Greetings from Our CEO

Since HANS GROUP was founded in 2010, we have witnessed tremendous
growth because of unyielding momentum and willingness to always take on
new challenges.
As a global group in Asia, we aim to revolutionize industries with the help of
the world’s top experts. By analyzing lifestyles in markets around the world,
we strive to develop creative spaces that match the lives of our customers.

Remembering our founding ideals, HANS GROUP works tirelessly to use its
continued growth to provide customers with the most happiness possible.
We are a company that sincerely wishes to live harmoniously with our
customers and business partners.

We wish all of our customers’ families health and happiness.
Thank you.


Company Overview

Thank you for visiting

HANS GROUP’s vision is to be a company that
offers guests the happiest experience possible.
We think of this as our group’s greatest value, and
work hard towards that aim while growing as a
global organization.

Company Name HANS GROUP
Established September 2010
Global Network USA, Vietnam, Indonesia

Company Culture

  • Happiness

    We are a company that provides the most
    happiness possible not only to our employees,
    but everyone we come into contact with.

  • Perseverance

    We bring about revolutionary change through
    new challenges, endless pursuit of knowledge,
    and fearlessly overcoming
    obstacles that may appear.

  • Cooperation

    We work hard to create a business model
    where every person and company we work
    with can live and work together happily.

Company History

We are a company creating a better future through tireless perseverance.
We aim to become a world-class company with consistent production and enthusiastic international operations.


Launch Food and Beverage Business

Obtained the rights to THE MARVEL EXPERIENCE

Founded Art Business (AURUM Gallery)

WAW pictures Enters HANS GROUP

Entered Media Contents Investment/Distribution (WAW pictures INC.)

Founded Group Real Estate Management Company (DONAM Estate INC.)

Entered Resort Industry (Richmond Co.,Ltd. / CASA32)

Entered the Meat Business (PIG LAND)

HANS GROUP is Founded

Entered Entertainment Industry (World Show Market INC.)